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Why AdBidCentral:

At AdBidCentral we make securing and selling online digital ad space reservations on valued desktop/tablet, mobile, wearable and wi-fi enabled digital signage, and placements easy and efficient, at competitive pricing per trade.

Deal directly with source-identified counterparties to book, trade, and deliver, all in once central interface. Eliminate discrepancy through AdBidCentral's dual counterparty reporting management capabilities and reduce wasted impressions, while optimizing contracts more nimbly.

Flexibly control ad space holdings through mutually cancellable time-to-delivery priced options, used both for increasing stated sell-through and securing the future on prime, performing digital ad space.

Easily integrate campaign effectiveness studies through choice of measurement currency.

Finally, achieve payment integrity, if necessary, through campaign audit.

Best of breed, founded in 2006, our exclusively patented1 technology is designed behind people, not the other way around.

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